Re: C. H. Dodd and honest citation

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Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 23:24:35 EDT

On Wed 8 Oct 97 (13:47:21), wrote:
> Quite so. Which leads to a further observation; when citations are
> made, they must be made fairly and not skewed in such a way as to erect
> a straw man....

 Hi Jim,

 Agreed. I wrote to Brian thanking him for giving us the /ipsissima verba/ of
 CH Dodd. Not possessing his commentary in my personal library, I was relying
 on frail human memory from 30+ years ago.

 But considering the corrected quotation, it doesn't nullify my point in the
 slightest. It's more gently put, but no less demeaning of Paul and Holy Writ
 as ever I thought. As the curate with the bad egg said to the bishop, "Parts
 of it are excellent" (/The Reverend Mr Punch/, cartoon "True Humility").

 Now let's all get back to b-greek.....

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