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From: Nichael Cramer (
Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 16:58:27 EDT

Michael Luper wrote:

> I have a favor to ask of those on the list.
> I will be making a presentation regarding "The Internet as a Tool for
> Instruction and Research in Biblical/Theological Education" at the
> national ETS meeting in S.F. this November. I am attempting to
> compile as much information as possible regarding Internet sites,
> e-mail lists, etc. that are relavent to Biblical/Theological
> education, so that I can pass this along to those who attend the
> session. If anyone on the list would like to send me information on
> sites or lists that they feel are significant in this regard, I would
> greatly appreciate it.


There are whole books of these available. For example, when I went to the
regional SBL meeting in Rhode Island earlier this year, one of the
publishers had an (approx) 200 page book --with some appropriate title like
"Internet Resources for Biblical Studies", or some such-- that was
completely filled with URLS, etc., and short descriptions of the sites.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the publisher (their table was just to the
left of the door ;-) It _might_ have been Baker, but I'd only give my
memory about 1 in 10 odds here.

Sorry for the vagueness of this report. But such things are out there (if
you can find them.)

Hope this helps (some)

(I do, however, remember being struck with the notion that this was the
dumbest waste of trees that I'd seen God's green earth in an age. I mean,
a *book* of URLs?? Talk about something that cried out to be a website.
Or at least a CD Rom.)

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