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I agree with Jonathan that Zerwick-Grosvenor was more useful than
Rienecker-Rogers, esp. because of the free-standing Zerwick-Smith
grammar to which it was keyed, a fine intermediate grammar for
NT students. I have no information about the new edition of Rienecker
Rogers that he mentions; I see it at Amazon, but the Zondervan web
page does not note it, as far as I can tell. Presumably it's just a
behind schedule, which is not a shocking thing in this field.

I do know that after reprinting Rienecker basically unchanged for
decades, the German publisher has recently replaced it with a successor
by a pair of well-credentialed scholars that constitutes a massive
improvement and (in my biased [read the next sentence] opinion) deserves
to be recognized as the state-of-the-art in that genre. Only one volume
of the German is available to date; and the English translation of that,
which is being prepared under my supervision by Hendrickson Publishers,
is nowhere near being ready to be advertised. But for this limited
of devoted Greek geeks I don't mind sharing the descriptive copy that
will eventually be used for marketing the book. I have deleted the name
of the translator to preserve his ability to work unpestered by persons
other than ourselves. If you want to read the ad copy, it follows my
sig lines and precedes my quotation of Jonathan's message.

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Author: Wilfrid Haubeck and Heinrich von Siebenthal
Translator: [name deleted]
Title: A New Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament
Subtitle: NONE
ISBN: 1-56563-267-2

Copy: Translated from the German Neuer Sprachlicher Schlčssel zum
griechischen Neuen Testament by [name deleted].

Fritz Rienecker's Sprachlicher Schlčssel zum Griechischen Neuen
Testament, which originally appeared in 1938, went through many German
editions. An expanded English translation of one of these was prepared
by Cleon Rogers in the 1970s. A work in the same genre but in Latin was
issued by Max Zerwick in the 1950s; the third edition of this work was
translated into English with various improvements by Mary Grosvenor as
An Analysis of the Greek New Testament. One of the advantages of
Zerwick's work over the original Rienecker was that it was keyed to
Zerwick's concise grammar; an English adapatation of this grammar was
prepared by Joseph Smith and published separately as Biblical Greek:
Illustrated by Examples. Generations of seminarians, pastors, and other
students of the New Testament have found all of these works very useful.

Now Brunner Verlag, the publisher of Rienecker's Sprachlicher Schlčssel,
has commissioned an extensive revision by Wilfrid Haubeck and Heinrich
von Siebenthal under the title Neuer Sprachlicher Schlčssel zum
griechischen Neuen Testament. Volume 2, which covers NT books from
Romans to Revelation, appeared in 1994. Volume 1, covering the Gospels
and Acts, is forthcoming. Hendrickson Publishers is pleased to present
deleted]'s English translation of this new work.

The authors-a linguist and a NT scholar-have proceeded on the basis of
their conviction that the words of the NT text must be understood not in
isolation but in context, including syntactic context. They have also
reviewed commentaries and lexicons that have appeared since the
publication of Rienecker's work, so that their work reflects up-to-date
NT exegetical scholarship. In addition, Prof. Von Siebenthal has
provided a new Grammatical Appendix (printed in Volume 2, the present
volume) that includes extensive tables of inflected forms, a table
giving the principal parts of 228 important verbs, and an Outline of
Syntax covering all the essentials of NT Greek grammar. The
verse-by-verse analysis of the NT text is extensively keyed to this
Grammatical Appendix, which can also be used as a free-standing
reference work.

The text on which this work is based is the Nestle-Aland 27th edition,
which is identical to the text of the United Bible Societies' 3d
edition. The authors have also treated all variant readings which in
their judgment have any serious possibility of being authentic.

This two-volume work, with its included Grammatical Appendix, is an
ideal text for intermediate NT Greek courses and an essential reference
for advanced NT students, students of classical Greek who wish to read
in the NT, exegetes, pastors, and others with a serious interest in the

Wilfrid Haubeck is the author of a significant work in Pauline theology
(Loskauf durch Christus [Brunnen, 1985]) and the co-editor of a
Festschrift for K. H. Rengstorf (Wort in der Zeit [Brill, 1980]).
Heinrich von Siebenthal is the editor of the German version of Thomas
Lambdin's Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (2d ed., Brunnen, 1993) and
the co-author of a major grammar of NT Greek (Griechische Grammatik zum
Neuen Testament [2d ed., Immanuel, 1990]). [Translator info deleted.]


From: Jonathan Robie <jwrobie@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 16:34:53 -0400
Subject: Re:

At 03:56 PM 10/13/97 -0400, Carlisle J Sanford wrote:
>I received the following bibliographical reference from some source on
>the internet:
>Rogers/Rogers, The New Linguistic and Exegetical Key to the Greek NT
>(Zondervan, 96). Zondervan has no record of publishing it and CBD and
>do not sell it. Can anyone advise if this reference is available and
>where it can be purchased?

This is the volume that I have:

 Linguistic Key to the Greek New Testament
 Fritz Rienecker, Cleon Rogers
 Grand Rapids: Zondervan, September 1, 1982
 ISBN 031032050X

It was due to come out in a new edition in August, 1997. The ISBN for
new edition is: 0310201756.

The "Linguistic Key" is a useful book, but I find Zerwick/Grosvenor more
helpful for the same purpose:

A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament
Max Zerwick and Mary Grosvenor.
Rome: Biblical Institute Press, 1981.
ISBN 88-7653-588-8

Hope this helps,


Jonathan Robie jwrobie@mindspring.com
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