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Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 13:24:03 EDT

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>Fellow List members;
>I came across the following definiton of SALPINX in my studies, "of the
>act of the Lord in raising from the dead the saints who have fallen
>asleep and changing the bodies of the living, at the Rapture of all to
>meet him in the air, 1 Co. 15:52, where 'the last trump' is a military
>allusion, familiar to Greek readers..." Vines, Expository Dictionary of
>NT Words, page 1172. Can anyone give me a reference? I have searched

You might want to check one of the modern major commentaries on the passage
in question rather than a lexicon or grammar. The commentary on 1 Cor in
the Hermenia series is excellent.


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