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From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 18:12:22 EDT

>Fellow List members;
>I came across the following definiton of SALPINX in my studies, "of the
>act of the Lord in raising from the dead the saints who have fallen
>asleep and changing the bodies of the living, at the Rapture of all to
>meet him in the air, 1 Co. 15:52, where 'the last trump' is a military
>allusion, familiar to Greek readers..." Vines, Expository Dictionary of
>NT Words, page 1172. Can anyone give me a reference? I have searched
John, I'm not sure just what you are asking. But I'll give you a reference
anyway. The SALPINX is certainly used in military connections. It was used
to give orders in the heat of battle.

The best reference I know is an article by my son:

Peter Krentz, "The SALPINX in Greek Battle," p[p. 110-120 in _Hoplites: The
Classical Greek Battle Experience._ Ed Victor Davis Hanson. London and New
York: Routledge,1991. [reprint in paperback now out] ISBN 0-415-04148-1.

You will find many references to classical history that illustrate the
various uses of the instrument in warfare. It's a good article, even if a
"proud father" says so.

Incidentally, what you cite from Vines Expository Dictionary is not a
definition, but a descriptive interpretation.

The trumpet was also used in parades, in triumphs, etc.

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