Re: Rev 5:6 hESTHKOS hWS ESFAGMENON, say what?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 11:59:30 EDT

At 04:53 PM 10/20/97 -0400, Randy Leedy wrote:
>May I add another, perhaps simpler explanation here? Jonathan wonders
>how "as slain" can describe the manner of "standing" (or something
>close to that). I would suggest that it is simpler to take the
>participle as adjectival, modifying "lamb" rather than as adverbial,
>modifying "standing." It was not simply a slain lamb (since the lamb
>was obviously alive), but a lamb looking as if it had been slain.
>This takes into account the fact of the resurrection and is
>grammatically simplest, it seems to me.
!! BOING !!

Yes, that makes lots of sense, and it really is simpler. Thanks!


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