RE: Liddell-Scott-Jones-McKenzie-Glare: Bargain again!

From: Rolf Furuli (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 16:14:39 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote,

<In case you are one of those who has not yet acquired the new (1996) LSJM
<with Glare's marvelous supplement bound in, Oxford has again made it
<available at a bargain price.

<It is available UNTIL DEC. 15th only for $100 -- a 20% discount. Add $4.50
<for shipping. Sales tax only in California and North Carolina.

Dear Edward,

I have the edition of 1968, 2042 pages plus supplement (ed E.A. Barber) 153
pages. Is the difference between the two editions so great that you suggest
I buy the new one?


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