Your Sins Shall Be White as Yucca

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Christianity Today's current issue (October 27, 1997) is largely about Bible
translation. You can find several of the articles at
"", if you don't have access to the
paper version of the magazine. Here are some excerpts from the table of
contents, with URLs for those articles that are on the Net:


"Your Sins Shall Be White as Yucca" - an article about missionaries who
spent 40 years translating the New Testament for a small tribe in the
jungles of Peru.

Do Inclusive-Language Bibles Distort Scripture?

   Yes - by Wayne Grudem

   No - by Grant Osborne

Editorial: The Great Translation Debate - the divide over gender-inclusive
Bibles hides what unites us

Thank God for Our Bibles - by J.I.Packer

On the Shoulders of King James - an interview with Barclay Newman, lead
translator for the CEV

The Women in Paul's Life (my comments: discusses Phoebe, Priscilla, and Junia)

Confessions of a Bible Translator (my comments: discusses the judgements
made in the process of translating)


For those interested in the issue of gender accurate translations, here are
some more articles and web sites that you may be interested in, on both
sides of the issue:

Femme fatale - World Magazine


Bible Translators Deny Gender Agenda

Two organizations that stand on different sides of this issue are:

Christians for Biblical Equality

Council on Biblical Man and Womanhood

Finally, if you want to express your opinion on this issue in an online
questionaire, you can do so at:

Hope this is of interest,


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