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Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 08:14:28 EDT

<html><html><head></head><BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p><font size=2 color="#000000" face="Arial">(Lengthy original material omitted)<br><br>Ward,<br><br>My daughter would say this is d'bomb! &nbsp;Your comprehensive treatment of this question has at last cleared up something that I seem to have missed or that is not treated in std. Greek classes early enough for the novice to make use of it. &nbsp;I remember the endless struggles with vocab, and verb structure, though! &nbsp;One thing that came out the other day on the list was the inferiority of Machen's approach of using &quot;made up&quot; sentences in his exercises. &nbsp;I fear this may have resulted in an inadequate appreciation for the kind of observastions you have made. &nbsp;<br><br>These issues are vitally important to me because it is here, early on in the process of &nbsp;seeking to understand the Greek I am reading, that I err in discerning precisely what the author is seeking to convey. &nbsp;Structure is an essential element in communication. &n
bsp;Most of all thanks for the specifics!<br><br>If anyone else on the list thinks it not a waste of time and has anything to add I would love to hear!<br><br>Paul F. Evans<br>Pastor<br>Thunder Swamp Pentecostal Holiness Church<br>MT. Olive<br><br>E-mail:<br>Web-page:><br></p>

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