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Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 11:44:00 EDT

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>...But the effect of this is to have very complex structures in
>Greek sentences, not at all (for the most part) like the simple model you
>suggested above, Craig.


I defer to the clearly greater scholar...

Who, by the way, agrees with my whole point, namely:

>>The point to remember, then, is that the construction of Greek sentences is
>>often a product of an author's sense of style (balance and elegance in the
>>flow of thought was very important to the Greeks) and what he wishes to
>>emphasize, what he feels will be the most effective order of thoughts to
>>achieve his desired end.
>>For these reasons, it is very difficult to answer your question: "What is
>>basic recognizable sentence structure? The answer is: "It depends on what
>>goal or end or response the author is trying to achieve in his

when he writes:

>Yes, I concur.

I willingly admit that all that Rev. Dr. Powers has written in rebuttal of my
post is true and acurate. My examples and my model were intentionally
simplified to illustrate my point. Clearly they were too simple to convey the
complexity of mature Greek sentence structures as found in the GNT and I
thank you for pointing that out, and for adding your greater wealth of
knowlege to all of us who struggle with this (or any other language). You
have done us all a service.

Rev. Craig R. Harmon

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