RE: SBL Meeting

From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Tue Oct 28 1997 - 11:08:40 EST

Fellow B-Greekers:

I'll be making a presentation to the Computer Assisted Research Group at
SBL (you are all invited to attend our little group; Kirk Lowery and Vince
DeCaen will also be reporting on the Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative
project they head up) on the current state of the
corrections/updating/etc., that I'm doing to the GRAMCORD MorphGNT,
Westminster MorphBHS, and the CCAT/CATSS/UPenn MorphLXX. We are planning
on reporting out interim update releases
at that time (not full-blown fixes or totally new version; those are still

Otherwise, if you want to argue about morphology, semantics, sytax, or
discuss Star Trek, I'll be at the GRAMCORD display area (its four booths,
so you shouldn't be able to miss it), most of the time.


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