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Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 00:04:38 EST

Apparently my last post was garbled with HTML tags. Sorry about that. I
hope this comes through more clearly

Eric wrote:
>So would Romans 3:22 be "but the righteousness - i.e., God - through faith
of Jesus Christ"???? That doesn't make too > much sense to me.

I should have written Rom 3.21 as her primary text. Those who are
interested in Jervis' argument can simply read her article (or email me
privately and I will email that section of her article to you). However,
if I were to follow this interpretation; I would translate 3.21,22 as:

But now, apart from the Law, Righteousness, that is God, has been revealed
by which the Law and the prophets [both] testify. But Righteousness, that
is God, [is now revealed] through faith in Jesus Christ {or *faithfulness
of Jesus Christ*} to all who believe, for there is no distinction. . .

Let me reiterate that I am not defending this position and I am definitely
not representing her full argument. I just thought it was an intriguing

Brent Hudson

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