Re: SBL Meeting-- Proposal

From: F. Holly Mitchell (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 15:47:21 EST

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Edward Hobbs wrote:

> Colleagues who are planning to attend the SBL meeing in San Francisco:

> propose that those of us who can do so, meet at the GRAMCORD booth(s)
> [1912-1918 in the Grand Ballroom, Hilton] as soon after 11:30 as possible,

Sounds like a good plan.

> I have been a member of SBL since 1948; if I had attended
> every year, this would be my fiftieth meeting. In the first 20 years of my
> membership, there were only about 200 who attended, and I knew everyone;


God Bless,
Ginger (assistant to Holly)

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