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>As far as how common the construction is, In "Infinitive in Biblical Greek"
>found 33 genitive articular infinitives which he suggested were used for
> They occur mostly in Matthew, Luke and Acts.
>Cindy Westfall

Thank you, Cindy

I don't, as yet, have a copy of Blass, Debrunner, Funk's A Greek Grammar...,
nor any other New Testament reference grammar. Just a very old (published in
1892) classical grammar by William W. Goodwin. I find it to be very helpful
but I also know that the Greek of the New Testament is, in some respects,
different from classical; somewhat like Shakespeare's English is different
from modern English, so I like to check it out with those who are more
knowledgeable and have access to the grammars.

It is through the many good people on this list that I learn. And hopefully,
on occasion, I can help others as well.

Bless you,
Rev. Craig R. Harmon.

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