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From: Juan Stam B (jstam@una.ac.cr)
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 00:00:52 EST

Greetings from Costa Rica!

I am working on Rev 6.12-17 and trying to track down all the parallels
(many!) in the Hebrew scriptures and in apocalyptic literature. But I
have been unable to locate parallels for the two most dramatic phrases in
        (1) at the judgment the powerful will hide in caves
        (2) they will call on the mountains to fall on them (Hos 10.8)

There are some references to (1), which was a common experience in Jewish
history (1Macc), but either not eschatalogical (in some sense, final
judgment) or not related to specific groups (6.15a). For (2) I have found
only Hos 10.8 and Lk 12.30, which seems unusual to me.

Does anyone know of other references either in the OT, Apoc.Lit or in
early patristics?

Many thanks, and a very happy November to all!

        Juan Stam, Univ. Nacional, Costa Rica

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