Re: John 1:3, hO GEGONEN

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Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 10:02:08 EST

> From: "Paul S. Dixon" <>
> Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 00:13:15 EDT
> Where should the punctuation period go in Jn 1:3, after hO GEGONEN, or
> after OUDE hEN?

You can see this phrase in a number of ancient manuscripts at
"". They are
investigating the variants OUDEN vs. OUDE hEN, not the punctuation, but they
do have closeups of exactly the part of the manuscripts that interest you,
and it is lots of fun browsing through them.

> Westcott says, " It would be difficult to find a more complete consent of
> ancient authorites in favor of any reading, than that which supports the
> second punctuation; Without Him was not anything made. That which hath
> been made in Him was life" (Wescott commentary).

The UBS 3rd Edition agrees with Westcott here, and when I browse through the
manuscripts at the URL I have listed, I come to similar conclusions. But I
know nothing about the relevant methodologies, so please take what I say
with a couple of pounds of salt.

> Most modern translations (8 of 10, so far) favor, rather, the former
> punctuation.
And our verse structure also suggests the former punctuation - I assume that
Erasmus used the former punctuation.


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