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From: Mark Goodacre (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 05:08:01 EST

Dear Jonathan

I think that this is wonderful -- a very exciting project. I look
forward very much to future 'chapters' and I will certainly recommend
this to my students, some of whom have already benefited from
consulting 'The Little Greek Home Page'. I am copying this note to
the list because I would really like to recommend this to others. It
is very user-friendly and intuitive.

Minor comments on the first parts:

1. I don't think you cover iota subscripts anywhere. In my
experience of teaching elementary Greek, iota subscripts can be a
casualty and it is worth stressing them at this stage -- I like
students to become almost neurotic about them! For example in the
transliterations, the iota subscript (e.g. of SKOTIAi) does not

2. If the student does go to the 'exploring' part first (as I did),
they will not be aware how to pronounce diphthongs and etas etc.
Perhaps it is worth adding a note on the pronunciation of these on
the 'exploring' section.

3. I have tended to use x for Xi, not ks. 'ks' looks a bit odd to
me, not very Greek.

4. (A Wenham point) Is it worth having the section on accents at
this stage? Why not introduce them later? I notice that the attempt
to put the transliterations partly in bold often ends up with the
text looking a little odd.

But just to re-iterate, I think that this is really well thought out
and beautifully produced, and most intuitive. If everyone on the
list supports Jonathan in this, and adds feedback and comment, we
could have a superb resource here.

All the best


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