Little Greek Guide to Learning New Testament Greek

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 21:29:03 EST

I've posted the first lesson of "The Little Greek Guide to Learning New
Testament Greek" to this URL:

This lesson covers pronunciation. I hope that it provides sufficient
practice to let most people master pronunciation in a reasonably efficient
manner. I would really like feedback, and I would also like to have some
real beginners work through the lessons to see if they can actually learn
from them.

I have recorded my own readings of the scriptures, which you can access by
clicking on them. I decided, reluctantly, to use bitmaps for much of the
Greek, since I have not found a public domain font that works well enough on
all the major browsers (some do not show up in Netscape, others work fine,
but I can't see the difference between rough and smooth breathing marks with
those fonts, etc.)

Please take a look, and give me feedback!


Jonathan Robie

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