Re: Little Greek Guide to Learning New Testament Greek

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 09:52:37 EST

At 02:49 PM 10/30/97 +0000, Melanie Groundsell wrote:
>The page seems to be very clear to me. I began my Greek studies two years
>ago with a correspondence course at St. John's Theological College,
>Nottingham - so am still feeling a little like a beginner. The course
>followed Wenham to a large extent - and so I have never entirely got to
>grips with accents. I would therefore like to back up the thoughts of
>Mark Goodacre in saying that as much help on accents as possible would be
>very welcome - I don't feel qualified to argue at which point you
>introduce them, as long as they appear in the long run.
Thanks! Can you tell me about this correspondence course? How well organized
was it, and how easy was it to learn from their materials? Were there any
distinctive features from which I should learn?


Jonathan Robie

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