Re: Simple, Coherent and Plausible Hypothesis

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Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 09:58:42 EST

Brian E. Wilson wrote:

> >>>I thought you might actually have stated something like - "Matthew
> >>>copied from Mark, and Luke copied from both Matthew and Mark. No
> >>>hypothetical sources are posited."
> >>>
> >>>This would at least have been simple.

Nichael Kramer replied

> >Actually, no; it would have been anything _but_ simple as Gerald Downing
> >has amply demonstrated.

Stephen Carlson commented:
> For some reason this thread, which originated on the Crosstalk list,
> was cross-posted to B-Greek. Since I strongly disagree that Downing
> "has amply demonstrated" that the Farrer/Goulder Hypothesis is
> "anything _but_ simple," I enclose an article I had written for
> Crosstalk about flaws in Downing's argument. Follow-ups should be
> sent back to Crosstalk. For subscription information, please see
> .

I believe that Brian accidentally sent his message to b-greek instead
of to Crosstalk. I am grateful to Stephen for his comments. As this
mistake has happened, let me add two things quickly since my words
have been quoted out of context.

First, Stephen Carlson's contribution concerning Downing and some
related correspondence on the issue, mainly from William Arnal and
me, can be read the World Without Q web site at (with Stephen's main
contribution at

Second, it has generally been thought that b-greek is not the
appropriate context for detailed discussion of Synoptic
interrelationships. Some on this list have expressed interest in the
creation of a new list entitled Synoptic-L. I am happy to say
that this will be launched very soon.

With good wishes


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