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>So, have I understood the situation correctly:
>* The suggestion of KAMHLON meaning "rope" was "invented" (for want of a
>better word) to posit a different, less 'outrageous' meaning for the
>saying of Jesus?
>* This means that outside this suggestion, there is no word for "rope"
>which is similar to KAMHLON?
>* Another platform for rejecting the meaning of "rope" is an Arabic
>proverb which is very similar to Jesus' saying?
>If the Arabic proverb had its origins in Jesus' saying in the first
>place, it does not really constitute a clinching argument that "camel"
>is what Jesus said. However, if the Arabic proverb preceded Jesus'
>saying then perhaps Jesus took his cue from it. In that case, there is
>no doubt about the meaning of KAMHLON. Does anyone know how old this
>proverb is?
>Secondly, is there certainly no attestation to a word for rope that
>looks like KAMHLON outside the NT?
>Thanks for the responses so far.
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