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Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 03:58:18 EST

At 21:37 98/02/03 -0600, Braulio Barillas wrote:
> Gentleman:
> Interested in Camel or Rope?
> You can see in this forum 11/9/96 about this issues.
> I hope it's helpful
> Braulio Barillas

Dear b-greekers:

My problem actually is not with camels or rope, but with dates. The above
post simply illustrates my problem.

The date 11/9/96 will mean either 11th September or 9th November, depending
what part of the world a person comes from and what he is used to.

Could I make the suggestion, in the interests of avoiding ambiguity and
having to work out what date is meant, that on b-greek we might adopt the
convention of writing the date as yymmdd (year/year/month/month/day/day).
Thus 11th September 1996 would be 960911, and 9th November would be 961109.

Apart from the fact that it is totally unambiguous, there is a real logic
to this convention, if you think about it: the date increments from right
to left like the odometer on your car, or indeed like any set of figures
where when you add something the size of the numbers grows progressively
from right to left.

Does this suggestion commend itself to others on b-greek?


Ward Powers

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