Re: Dates, Camel or Rope

From: Ben Crick (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 01:57:24 EST

On Thu 5 Feb 98 (19:58:18 +1100), wrote:
> Apart from the fact that it is totally unambiguous, there is a real
> logic to this convention, if you think about it: the date increments
> from right to left like the odometer on your car, or indeed like any
> set of figures where when you add something the size of the numbers
> grows progressively from right to left.

> Does this suggestion commend itself to others on b-greek?

 Dear Ward,

 Writing today's date 980206 is fine; but when we get to 991231 we run
 smack into the Millennium Bug. 000101 will be treated as 1st January 1900,
 when 2000 is meant.

 Feed the Dates to your camel tethered by his rope.

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