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        <<The date 11/9/96 will mean either 11th September or 9th
November, depending
        what part of the world a person comes from and what he is used

        Having lived and served in Canada for some years, I can attest
that the
        possibility for confusion exists. The people up there, at least
where I was,
        wrote the date/month/year. To me, seeing a date written 23/10/84
was very odd
        but not confusing; the confusion came when scheduling an event
some months
        ahead to, say, 08/06/99!

Americans use the date convention mm/dd/yy...

Now I cannot see any sense or logic to this format at all...
Why is the month so important that it should be listed first?

Could some US resident please explain?

(an Australian engineer who uses the format dd/mm/yy for everyday use
and the format yyyymmdd for programming purposes.)

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