Re: Dates, Camel or Rope

From: Noel Maddy (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 09:55:04 EST

> [Andrew]
> Americans use the date convention mm/dd/yy...
> Now I cannot see any sense or logic to this format at all...
> Why is the month so important that it should be listed first?
> Could some US resident please explain?

What? You're expecting sense or logic in tradition? ;)

I suppose we Americans are such a new country that the year isn't
as important to us, so we normally use MM/DD, and only append the
year whenever necessary? ;)

Seriously, I tend to prefer `6 Feb 1998' -- that way, you don't
have to stop and think which part is the month. It's pretty
unambiguous [I almost said "user friendly"...]

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