Re: Jn.1:1b word order

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sun Feb 08 1998 - 06:26:30 EST

At 11:43 PM 2/7/98 EST, Paul S. Dixon wrote:
>Secondly, you seem to think that the translation "God" implies
>definiteness. It does not, not any more than the anarthrous SARX
>translated "flesh" in 1:14 implies definiteness.
Actually, I agree with you completely on this point.

>I defined a qualitative noun as one whose leading nuance (without getting
>into whether a noun can have two or more nuances) is qualitativeness.
>That qualitativeness is determined from the context (how's that for a
>well-defined test?).

A well-defined text would require two independent observers to agree based
on clear criteria. "Determined from the context" doesn't really meet this
criterion, and in our earlier discussions on this, different observers do
seem to disagree as to whether the leading nuance of a noun is qualitative
in many examples.


Jonathan Robie

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