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One thing that seriously complicates this issue is that the MT and the LXX
have their own textual histories. So it is not as if you could assume (you
cannot!) that the authors of the NT were using a text of the OT that is
identical to the MT. In like manner the LXX textual transmission introduces
another level of complexity into the discussion.

Furthermore your conclusion
My most definite conclusion is that in very few of the OT passages quoted in
the NT (which I have covered) are there marked differences between the MT and
the LXX.
rests on your assumption that a 90% match qualifies as close textual
agreement. I am not a textual critic but it seems from the work I have done in
this area that many textual discussions are about passages that have at least
90% agreement. So that a 10% variation in a given passage is considered
significant disagreement in a given passage. Where as a total of 10%
disagreement between two manuscripts might qualify them to be members of the
same "family", a 10% variation in a given paragraph is quite significant
enough to warrant a careful evaluation of the variants.

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