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Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 01:20:10 EST

I'm just catching up on my accumulated B-Greek mailings after a hectic
couple of weeks, so excuse me if someone has already offered the following
response. While it has long been popular to assert that Paul prepared his
own translations from the Hebrew text on occasion, recent developments
in LXX studies offer strong evidence that Paul used a Hebraizing revision
of the Greek text in these cases. (See Dietrich-Alex Koch, Die Schrift als
Zeuge des Evangeliums [Mohr, 1986] and Christopher D. Stanley, Paul and
the Language of Scripture [Cambridge, 1990]). This view is supported by
the observations that (a) Paul's own Greek style shows consistently
strong influence from the LXX text of Scripture (not the Hebrew), and (b)
Paul quotes at times from the LXX even where the wording of the Hebrew
would have been more congenial to his argument. The picture is more
complicated for the other NT authors, but it seems relatively clear at
this point that Paul read, studied, and quoted from a Greek version of the
Jewish Scriptures.

Chris Stanley
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On Mon, 02 Feb 1998 10:25:21 +1030 Andrew Kulikovsky
<anku@celsiustech.com.au> writes:
>Are all the OT quotations in the NT from the LXX, or are some directly
>from the Hebrew?

Trevor Peterson responded:

Some do seem to have been translated from Hebrew (unless they're based on
a Greek version that we don't have extant). I don't have handy a list of
all of them, but if I remember right, I think 1 Cor 14:21 is more likely
to be a loose translation of the MT than from the LXX. Others can
probably point out more examples.

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