Re: Johannine ARCH (was Jn.1:1b word order)

Date: Tue Feb 10 1998 - 19:48:08 EST

In a message dated 98-02-10 18:03:30 EST, Jonathan wrote:

<< In Genesis 1:1 or John 1:1, there is no hint of a transition leading up to
 the time that Jesus was there at the beginning, and since all things were
 created by means of the LOGOS, I have to assume that the LOGOS existed when
 the first thing was created.>>

The first physical thing, or first spiritual thing? The context, drawing from
the teaching of Genesis, appears to support the former view. As I mentioned in
my previous post, "all things" can and does often have a specific reference;
it is not always inclusive of "everything." Compare Psalm 8:5 and 1
Corinthians 15:24-28.

<< Are you saying that the LOGOS came into being *before* the first thing was
 created? If so, John 1:1 does not tell us about this.
 Jonathan >>

John 1:1-3 is talking about what was made "through" the LOGOS "in the
beginning." Thus, it is likely a reference to all physical things, which, from
a human perspective, might qualify as "all things" anyway. John does not
discuss how the angels or the LOGOS came into being. Of course, the LOGOS was
not made through himself but was begotten from the Father. (John 1:14, 18) I
will not discuss the nature of this generation, however, as I think it may be
outside the parameters of b-Greek.

Greg Stafford
University of Wisconsin

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