From: Steven Cox (
Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 09:37:51 EST

        Re MIAS GUNAIKOS ANDRA (1Tim3:2) and hENOS ANDROS GUNH (5:9).
        Thanks to all who've posted on this fascinating thread.

   1 I'd like to ask the classicists if either MIAS GUNAIKOS ANDRA
        or hENOS ANDROS GUNH occur in non b-greek texts in a context
        that could narrow down the field among the following:
        - Not a polygamist or polyandrist
        - Not a remarried widower or widow
        - Not a remarried divorcer or divorcee
        - Not a flirt (Ward Powers' suggestion is appealing)

   2 And for anyone who knows more about 1st Century Asia Minor:
        Is it possible that hENOS ANDROS GUNH was only a check to make
        sure that a "widow" applying for welfare did not actually have
        a previous husband still living? (I read somewhere that divorce
        was just as commonplace among Greeks as Jews but typically can't
        remember the source..)


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