Re: E Hobbs and arrogance

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 06:06:17 EST

We've been posting messages for DAYS asking people to refrain from
attacking each other and to keep their posts on the subject of the Greek
text and language. Carl just reposted the FAQ to make sure that people
remember the guidelines.

I think it should be fairly obvious to anybody that a post entitled "E
Hobbs and arrogance" is an attack on a B-Greek participant. The fact that
he is also the B-Greek chair does not make him fair game. And consider this
>Quite frankly Edward, the general tone of these comments and others you
>make on this list reveal that you are breath-takingly arrogant and
>completely full of yourself!

or this one:

>Here is another show of your arrogance - in fact downright rudeness. You
>treat me like a nitt-witt IN PUBLIC, then expect me to respond in
>You are some piece of work Edward - You're a disgrace.

These has nothing to do with the Greek language or any biblical Greek text,
is clearly an attack, and the occur in direct response to the chairman's
request to stop. The FAQ clearly states that if the chair publically asks
someone to stop, and they don't, they may be excluded from the list. Which
makes this next remark particularly interesting:

>Therefore, I'm going to ignore this request. You made it public, so I
>will keep it public!

There are plenty of discussion lists devoted to this kind of flame and
personal attack. I am glad that B-Greek has generally not been one of them.
The FAQ is quite clear about the requirements of respectful discourse.


Jonathan Robie

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