Re: E Hobbs and arrogance

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 09:42:15 EST

Andrew Kulikovsky wrote:
> [...]
>I find this incredibly offensive Edward.... [...]
>Quite frankly Edward, the general tone of these comments and others you
>make on this list reveal that you are breath-takingly arrogant and
>completely full of yourself! [...]
>Here is another show of your arrogance - in fact downright rudeness.
>You are some piece of work Edward - You're a disgrace. [...]
>Less arrogance! Less arrogance!
> [...etc, etc, etc...]

I had begun a full-length response to this. But in the full light of this
beautiful Vermont Sunday morning I thought better of it.

In short, such an exercise struck me as 1] pointless (anyone who has spent
a week on this list knows how seriously to take the above
characterisations), 2] futile (given the general nature of Mr Kulikovsky's
posts) and --dare I say it-- 3] "arrogant" on my own part (surely Edward
Hobbs of all people does not need my meager defense).

So let me finally say simply this --and I trust I do not speak for only
myself here-- Andrew, get a grip.

Nichael Gather the folks, tell the stories, break the bread. -- John Shea

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