Response to Ben Crick on Matt. 6:13//Lk. 11:3 Another Lord's Prayer Question!

From: Jeffrey Gibson (
Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 13:55:58 EST

Please note that a sentence towards the end of my most recent long posting
to Ben Crick which reads:

"This, I hope, will move some way towards showing that your claim that
"the PEIRASMOS that [the LP says] we need daily deliverance from is the
temptation to disobey God, not the temptation to presumptively put the
Almighty to the test" is really not what the LP says at all, since what
you take as precluding my interpretation - a distinction between
disobeying God and putting him to the test - is a distinction made in the
LP itself"

is missing a very important "not" in its last phrase. In otherwords, the
last phrase now reading "is a distinction made in the LP itself" should
read "is a distinction NOT made in the LP itself." Without this "not", my
claim makes no sense.

Jeffrey Gibson

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