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From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 20:20:42 EST

Because others may think this wonderful writing/marking instrument does not
exist - but would want to purchase and use one - I decided to post this
response to the List. I assure you it does exist. It's called a "Pentel 8
colors AUTOMATIC PENCIL" - model/part PH 158, made, naturally, by Pentel. It
costs $13.95 or so, refill leads are $1.50 or $1.75 per color, 2 leads per
refill pack. The colors are Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Light Green,
Yellow, Brown and Orange. Because it's PENCIL LEAD, and not a liquid marker
or a ball point or fiber-ink pen, it WILL NOT bleed through pages AT ALL. I
can get them at either The Criswell College bookstore or the Bible bookstore
associated with First Baptist Church of Dallas (the church that "birthed"
Criswell College). These pen(cil)s are quite difficult to find even in office
supply stores, though my wife found one at a store somewhere. You may have to
special-order it, but I would urge all seminary and Bible bookstores to carry
these for their students/customers. Since it's an automatic pencil, you never
have to sharpen the leads, which is the real downside to other multicolored
dry markers out there - plus this is all-in-one, so you don't have to carry 8
pens with you, just one.

Randall McRoberts wrote:

> I trust your eight-color pencil is a joke. Such a thing of beauty doesn't
> really exist, does it?

I wrote (re: marking Kendell Easley's USER-FRIENDLY GREEK

> For those who get this book, I bought a Pentel 8-color
> >lead pencil, and incorporate Easley's method this way in my New
> >Testament:
> >* I underline finite verbs (indicative, subjunctive, optative,
> >imperative) with dark blue
> >* I underline participles (including the definite article with
> >substantival participles) with red
> >* I underline infinitives with green
> >* I enclose prepositional phrases, beginning with the preposition, in
> >orange parentheses
> >* I precede relative pronouns with a brown vertical line
> >* I precede coordinating conjunctions with a light blue vertical line
> >* I precede subordinating conjunctions with a pink vertical line
> >This helps illuminate the thought flow of the pericope, e.g., making the
> >finite verbs stand out, clearly delineating the prepositional phrases,
> >etc. I, at least, as one who has had only 2 years of Greek, have found
> >my marking technique to be moderately helpful. Easley's book is geared
> >toward helping the preacher/expositor focus on what's important about
> >the Greek so one doesn't waste precious study or preaching time
> >explaining some obscure item of relatively little significance. Its
> >ultimate purpose is getting the seminary student to begin USING what
> >he's learned in Greek class (a year of Greek is almost necessary before
> >one uses this book) on a regular, enjoyable basis so that he/she doesn't
> >- as too many apparently do - forget it.
> >
> >

"Eric S. and Karol-Ann Weiss"

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