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Date: Sat Feb 14 1998 - 20:06:44 EST

At 12:31 AM 2/14/98 -0500, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>The phrase MIAS GUNAIKOS is used in these three verses:
>1Tim 3:2 1Tim 3:12 Titu 1:6
>There seems to be a question as to how this is interpreted. Is this any
>less ambiguous than the English phrase "one wife"? I've heard people say
>that it "obviously" means one wife at a time, but I've heard others say
>that it means not remarried, and still others say never divorced.
>Does the Greek phrase clearly mean one of these to the exclusion of the

Regrettably, the Greek is as simple--and so as open to varied
interpretations--as the English. The Catholic church uses this as the
basis for requiring that permanent deacons who become widowers remain
single. Knowing that, I had never stopped to think that there are other
ways to read it, and of course there are.


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