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Date: Sun Feb 15 1998 - 10:27:34 EST

Paul Zellmer wrote:
> Jude has been giving me problems. And just when I think I get to a
> phrase I understand, all other translations take a unique jog and leave
> me behind.
> Could someone please explain to me why AGAPAIS in Jude 12 is
> translated, "love feasts" by many if not all the common versions? I
> looked in vain for a textual variant here.

There is a textual variant, but it does not solve your problem. APATAIS is
found in A C(vid) and 1243, as well as in the parallel passage in 2Pet 2:13.

>Or is there something in
> the way the Fathers use AGAPE in the plural to refer to love feasts?

According to BAGD p.6, the semantic domain of AGAPE includes a "communal
meal". Numerous references from the fathers (to many to list here) are
quoted supporting this use including the works of Clem. Alex. and Turtullian.

> Is the plural form changing
> the noun to "+counting" and the English word "love", when used to
> translate AGAPE, is considered "-counting"?

I don't understand this part of your question. What is +\- counting all about?

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Jude is a fun book. Very short and packed with difficult problems.

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