Re: Love feasts in Jude 12

From: Paul Zellmer (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 12:23:40 EST

Clayton wrote:
>One more note on AGAPH in Jude 12. BAGD (p6) suggests that there may
be some
>connection between this use of AGAPH and FILITIA. The idea of FILITIA
>possibly taken over into the NT vocabulary but word that was used was
>This is etymology, which like statistics is one of the black arts. For
>it's worth the following is the citation for FILITIA from L&S
>filitia, ta, (filos) = sussitia, the common meals or public tables at
>Sparta, Arist. filition, to, the common hall in which the public
table was
>kept, Xen., Plut.:others read fidition or feidition -ia, (as if from
>feidomai) a frugal table, cheap dinner.

Interesting. At least it ties the "love" idea to the feasts at an
earlier time. Thanks, Clayton.



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