Burning Words?

From: Nichael Cramer (nichael@sover.net)
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 15:14:24 EST

This is admittedly somewhat off-topic, --and decidely non-technical--
but this is curious enough that I have to ask...

In yesterday's mail, I received a flier for a novel called "Burning
Words" (since this appears to be a mass-mailing to the SBL
mailing-list, I assume many others here got this, too).

According to the mailing, this novel is "a compelling saga" that
"exposes the reader to the the historical background of and the many
questions raised by the Nag Hammadi codices, the Dead Sea Scrolls and
the Q-document".

One interesting feature is the authors, Terry and Ursula Loucks (a
wife-husband team who --according to the associated web-site-- are,
respectively, a biochemist and a "former phyicist" turned
"entrepreneur") have dedicated the novel to James Robinson --who
apparently makes a brief appearance in the novel.

So, my question is, does anyone know anything about this book, or the
authors. (Or for that matter the publisher InfoNovels USA "A Division
of Integrale Publishers" which, frankly, has the scent of a vanity
press, down to the blurbs from the "Pre-Publication" reviewer
idenitifed as, for example, an "Int'l Airline Pilot", a "Mechanical
Engineer" and a "former Dow Corning executive".)

In short, I guess I wouldn't mind reading a good novel along these
lines; but I have to say that my experience with this genre --as
typified by that oddity from the 1960's "The Q Document" and the
dreadful "Gospel" from a years back-- don't leave me very sanguine
about the prospects.


P.S. OTOH, I will give the book credit for the most interesting ISDN
category-listing that I've read in some time:

      Burning Words / by Ursula Loucks and Terry
     p. cm.
          1.Christianity -- Origin --Fiction.
          2.Jesus Christ --Historicity --Fiction.
          3.Q hypothesis (Synoptic criticism) --Fiction.
          4.Nag Hammadi codices--Fiction.
          5.Dead Sea scrolls--Fiction.
          6.Lost Books--Fiction.
    I. Title.
    Published by InfoNovels, A Division of Integrale Publishers, USA

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