Romans 3:4 and LXX

From: D. Anthony Storm (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 15:26:22 EST

In Romans 3:4 Paul quotes the LXX verbatim from Psalm 51:4. The Greek of the
LXX would seem to flatly contradict the MT (but I don't read Hebrew, and am
relying on a translation). Paul (and the LXX) says:


It is hard to imagine how can God be judged. Thus, several questions
naturally arise, some theological, some having to do with the MT versus the
LXX. And perhaps Paul is applying the passage to a believer who prevails.

Whatever the case, I should limit my question to the Greek text of the NT:
What is the likelihood that KRINESQAI SE is middle rather than passive?

D. Anthony Storm    

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