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From: Steven Cox (
Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 18:55:39 EST

        No worries, not "offended" by you of course. It was just a bit of
        a shock - I know converts from Islam with plural wives, although
        I have not been involved in the baptisms myself, and my reaction
        to what the missionaries were demanding was "what about the kids?".

        I suppose I shouldn't be so easily affected. Carl Conrad's post
        that polygamy wasn't normal in Greece was also a big surprise
        as it seems so common in pre-Christian societies (to say nothing
        of the Old Testament). Every time polygamy has come up (in a
        practical context) my church has always applied MIAS GUNAIKOS
        almost without question.

        Most of all it affected me to see how a little change in the
        understanding of a greek phrase could radically affect lives.
        I should know this too I suppose.

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> Your mail on the activities of missionaries in Kenya really
> affected me. I've tried 3 ways writing an email on this
> and had to trash each one as it was off FAQ.
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>Would you like to discuss this off list? I hope that "affect" was not
>Bret R. Rolan

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