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Hello, all.

> Would someone help me find these references in the classical
> literature:
> 2. "BAUNOS"
> 3. "BANAUSOS" (found 1 reference in BAGD from 1 Cl.)
> I'm particularly interested in Aristotle with reference to
> this question: Does Aristotle use the term to mean something
> like "not worthy of citizenship because of lack of skill or
> intellect"?

Subsuming the three in one:

For pejorative uses in Aristotle, my LSJ points to Nicomachean Ethics
1107b19, 1123a19, Politics 1317b41and less (or non-) pejorative uses in
Politics 1278a21, 1321a6, 1328b39, 1337b8.

Several other Aristotelian citations are listed without a clear indication
of how pejorative the context: Politics 1291a1, 1289b33, 1277b35, 1278a8;

There are a dozen other pejorative and non-pejorative uses cited in LSJ.

The easiest way to track uses like this is to go to and search the Greek texts there. You can do
a fairly complete search of the "most important" Greek texts. And you can
generate a great deal of raw material for your work (although in terms of
sheer output, the TLG beats Perseus hands down.) You can also flip between
searching the Greek texts and reading standard English translations of the
same--a real plus if speed is a desideratum.

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