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Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 06:55:46 EST

Richard Lindeman wrote:
> I am looking at Ephesians 2:14-15 and have been wrestling a bit with the
> prepositional phrase "EN TH SARKI AUTOU". Maybe it is just a problem of
> fatigue on my part :-) but here is my riddle... with what should we associate
> this prepositional phrase? With LUSAS? With THN EXQRAN? With
> KATARGHSAS? With both LUSAS and KATARGHSAS? Or what are other
> possibilities?


Here is a breakdown of some commentators on this question:

Commentators that connect EN TH SARKI AUTOU with LUSAS are: Theopphylact,
Luther, Calvin, Bezae and others.

Textual critics and commentators that connect EN TH SARKI AUTOU with THN
EXQRAN are: Lachmann, Westcott and Hort, Chrysostom and Ambrose.

Commentators that connect EN TH SARKI AUTOU with KATARGHSAS are: Meyer, de
Wette, Hodge, Eadie and others.

Clearly you are raising a controversial question, which only a thorough
analysis of Paul's argument can resolve.

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