Romans 3:4 and LXX: Follow UP

From: D. Anthony Storm (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 20:57:00 EST

I have re-written my earlier post because I think I was unclear.

In Romans 3:4, which quotes Psalm 51:4, the Greek says KAI VIKNSEIS EN TWi
KRINESQAI SE. The NASB translates this as "and mightest prevail when thou
art judged."

The LXX also has KAI VIKNSEIS EN TWi KRINESQAI SE in Brenton's edition,
Zondervan, 1970. The English translation supplied says, "and mighest
overcome when thou art judged."

These two translations seem to take KRINESQAI SE in the passive.

Thus, I have two questions. How hard is it GRAMMATICALLY to support the
middle voice, and if it can be supported why do you suppose the NASB and
Brenton opt for a seemingly senseless translation? For after all, how can
God be judged? Or am I missing something?

I hope I am clearer now.

D. Anthony Storm    

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