Re: On the Death of NT Scholars

From: Rod Decker (
Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 06:40:52 EST

>On the Death of NT Scholars
>I remember sitting, waiting for a lecture on Soteriology, when our young
>professor John Feinberg stepped up to the podium and announced:
>"Rudolf Bultmann died today, and now he knows the truth."
> I never got around to pressing Feinberg on the sloppy thinking implied in
>this statement. Feinberg was not a sloppy thinker and there were one or two
>obvious problems with his statement.

I suspect that the same will be true of you--AND OF ME! (At least I hope
that TOTE EPIGINWSOMAI KAQWS KAI EPEGVWSQHN.) Such statements are normally
made "tongue in cheek" and are hardly worthy of ridicule. Of course, since
this was a "young" professor, that probably explains it?!


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