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Date: Mon Feb 23 1998 - 21:28:18 EST

On Mon, 23 Feb 1998 06:40:52 -0500 Rod Decker <> writes:
>>On the Death of NT Scholars
>>I remember sitting, waiting for a lecture on Soteriology, when our
>>professor John Feinberg stepped up to the podium and announced:
>>"Rudolf Bultmann died today, and now he knows the truth."
>> I never got around to pressing Feinberg on the sloppy thinking
>implied in
>>this statement. Feinberg was not a sloppy thinker and there were one
>or two
>>obvious problems with his statement.
>I suspect that the same will be true of you--AND OF ME! (At least I
>made "tongue in cheek" and are hardly worthy of ridicule. Of course,
>this was a "young" professor, that probably explains it?!

You know, as I read this post (I'm sorry, but I missed the original), I
was reminded of an experience I had at Western Kentucky University. Bill
Lane (author of Word Biblical Commentary on Hebrews) was conducting a
seminar class on Critical Methods of Biblical Studies. At one point, we
were discussing Form or some other approach, and if I remember correctly,
several of us "young scholars" were giving Bultmann quite a lashing! Dr.
Lane turned to us and said, "Mr. Bultmann's theology changed after his
death." We all laughed, thinking that Dr. Lane was making a joke at
Bultmann's expense. Then, Dr. Lane turned to us and gravely announced,
"You misunderstand! All of us will find our theology changed at our
deaths!" We were humbled as we "young scholars" realized that Dr. Lane
was simply reminding us that no matter how brilliant we may be, we don't
know it all. Only God has that privilege! Perhaps that is what the
professor above intended?


Leo Percer
Baylor University, Ph.D. candidate

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