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Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 14:18:32 EST

On Tue 24 Feb 98 (07:35:32), wrote:
> I notice something striking about Rev. 6:17. I've read it many times
> before, but never noticed that the ORGHES utilized in 6:16 is said to be
> ONLY the Lamb's. Conversely, the persons mentioned in the apocalyptic
> account hide from the PROSWPOU of the One seated EPI TOU QRONOU.
  [short snip]
> I checked BAGD to see what it had to say about this matter. Grouping
> Revelation under eschatological uses of ORGH, it cites Rev. 11:18 which
> describes the ORGH of hO QEOS PANTOKPATWR (the One seated on the
> throne).

 Dear Edgar,

 There are some who insist that "God is Love", and that the concept of the
 "Wrath of God" is an outmoded O.T. property of "DHMIOURGOS". As Voltaire
 used to say, "Le bon Dieu me pardonnera: c'est son me/tier". That way is
 presumption, not faith.

 Clearly the Wrath of God is something to reckon with. If Calvin was right
 with his /communicatio idiomatum/, then the wrath of the Lamb is the wrath
 of the Father is the wrath of the Spirit. My vote is for AUTWN.


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