Re: AUTWN and Rev. 6:17

From: Juan Stam (
Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 08:52:39 EST

At 08:57 PM 23/02/1998 PST, you wrote:

>The determining factor seems to be context: the referents under
consideration in the context. Since "God" and the "lamb" are consistently
represented as distinct throughout the book of Revelation, since they both
serve as sources of the divine ORGH--Revelation 6:17 should be rendered "their."

Seems to me the sequence here is typically symmetrical: the One on the
Throne (chao 4) and the Lamb (chap 5), the day of their (pl wrath). In a
similar way ch 4-5 give "the One on the Throne" (ch 4), the Lamb (5.7-12),
then joined in the worship of all creation (5.13) Greetings
Juan Stam, Costa Rica

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