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Date: Wed Feb 25 1998 - 08:30:27 EST

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>Could somebody help me with a word from LXX. I can't possible find out what
>is the form and meaning of word in Song of Solomon (Canticum) 4:4. The word
>Any suggestions?

This is a hapaxlegomenon. The Hebrew <heb> thalpioth </heb> was evidently
understood as a place name by the translator of the LXX, which was simply
transliterated from Hebrew to Greek. Gillis Gerleman says concerning the
Hebrew word, "Das Hapaxlegomenon <heb> thalpih </heb> gehoert zum
Nominaltypus <heb> taktilat </heb> und seine Wurzel ist sehr wahrscheinlich
<heb> lapha </heb> (lamed, pe, aleph), arab. lafa'a, "in Reihen ordnen"; so
Honeyman JTS 50, 1949, 51f.

>Thanks in advance
>Gregor P. Turkanik

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