Re: Count the Bowls, Rev. 5:8

From: Ben Crick (
Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 12:48:46 EST

On Wed 25 Feb 98 (14:01:22 +0000), wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how many bowls there are depicted in Rev. 5:8? Also,
> how may possible answers are there to this question? Two, three,
> infinite?

 On the face of it, Clayton, there appear to be 24 bowls or vials or phials
 containing odours [incense, QUMIAMATWN] which are the prayers of saints.
 The "living Beings" are scarcely human; they represent the Four Gospels
 (Matthew Mark Luke and John) in church tradition. So leaving them out of
 the count, that would be 24, one for each of the four and twenty elders.
 If the Elders are the 12 Patriarchs of Israel, plus the 11 Apostles of the
 Lamb, plus Paul, that would conveniently add up to 24.

 I'm not really into numerology.

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