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Date: Thu Feb 26 1998 - 13:49:39 EST

Ben Crick wrote:
> On Wed 25 Feb 98 (14:01:22 +0000), wrote:
> >Can anyone tell me how many bowls there are depicted in Rev. 5:8? Also,
> >how may possible answers are there to this question? Two, three,
> >infinite?
> On the face of it, Clayton, there appear to be 24 bowls or vials or phials
> containing odours [incense, QUMIAMATWN] which are the prayers of saints.
> The "living Beings" are scarcely human; they represent the Four Gospels
> (Matthew Mark Luke and John) in church tradition. So leaving them out of
> the count, that would be 24, one for each of the four and twenty elders.
> If the Elders are the 12 Patriarchs of Israel, plus the 11 Apostles of the
> Lamb, plus Paul, that would conveniently add up to 24.
> I'm not really into numerology.


I am not into numerology either.

It seems to me that TA TESSARA ZWiA might be *excluded* from the scope of
hEKASTOS, and I was wondering if there was any syntactical justification for
this. But if I read this like an English sentence, it would seem that TA
TESSARA ZWiA would be *included* within the scope of hEKASTOS.

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